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"Daughter of Shadows" is the re-incarnation of my first solo game made in ImpactJS by the name of SCP: Incident 029-63a. The player assumes the role of a dangerous and powerful girl known as SCP-029. After a facility wide power outage occurs, numerous SCPs breach containment and proceed to wreak havok throughout the facility. SCP-029 must survive and find a way to escape from the facility. "Daughter of Shadows" takes place during the timeline of "SCP: Containment Breach," and draws from its style and content. DoS is built in Unity and I will be releasing it through my business as a Blackrose Industries product.

Daughter of Shadows WIP

All of the abilities of SCP-029 are drawn from the SCP Foundation Wiki, as are the abilities of the other SCPs featured in the game. SCP-029 has 3 abilities. The first is a much stronger resistance to damage than a typical human would have. The second is that her powers diminish in light. This is reflected by decreased health while in a lit areas. Finally, she is able to possess men and use them as a resource. In "SCP: Incident 029-63a" when this would occur, the converted enemies would move according to the character controller, which made things extremely clunky and unrealistic. In "Daughter of Shadows" they are merely collected as ammunition and sent out from the player when needed. The relationship is similar to that of the Eggs in Yoshi Story or the Pikmin from Pikmin.

Daughter of Shadows Basic Map Layout

The big technical challenge with "Daughter of Shadows" was random level generation. I wanted to implement this in "SCP: Incident 029-63a," but due to scope I made a linear game instead. It served its purpose as a prototype, but random level generation is such a big part of "SCP: Containment Breach" that I had to implement it this time around.

The facility is divided into three wings, each devoted to one of the three SCP classifications. Within each wing are plot specific rooms that will spawn on every playthrough, though not necessarily in the same place. The facility expands via junctions and hallways as needed and optional rooms fill any gaps. These optional rooms can be anything from storage rooms to other SCP containment areas. My focus is on replayability and I like the idea of players having to constantly explore the game. I have also considered implementing an achievement system of sorts to give players incentive to look for things they missed.

Currently DoS is pending on Steam Greenlight and is undergoing some artistic improvements.



MalletMan Main Screen


MalletMan was one of the most complete games that I created at FIEA. It was built in two weeks by four developers including myself. It is a twitch style Flash game that embraces the spirit of whack-a-mole. Players use the directional keys to move around the farm and whack moles while avoiding the tractor. If five moles escape then its Game Over.

MalletMan Screenshot



Escherreal Logo


Escherreal is my capstone project at FIEA. It is puzzle/platformer, set in a world inspired by M.C. Escher. The player navigates the world and solves puzzles by changing gravity and by manipulating the perspective to 2D and back again to 3D. Escherreal was built in the Havok Vision engine by our team of 15 developers over about 6 months.


Escherreal is the story of Escher's fictional nephew by the name of Raffi. He has a dead-end job and no real direction in life. While visiting his Uncle Escher, Raffi gets sucked into Escher's Mirror Marble and gets trapped in a world created by Escher. In order to escape, Raffi must solve puzzles throughout Escher's villa using two of Escher's inventions.

Mirror Marble

The Mirror Marble allows Raffi to change gravity to one of six different orientations. This allows him to walk through upside down doors and on the sides of buildings, which is reminiscent of many of Escher's works.


The Infinispecs are glasses that allow Raffi to compress and view the world in 2D. Raffi can then traverse the area in 2D and reach areas that are otherwise impossible to get to. Mirror Marbles can also be used with the Infinispecs to change Raffi's orientation in the 2D space.

Many of Escher's pieces are referenced in the game and our unique pieces are inspired by his creations. Check out these side by side comparisons:

Mirror Marble

Hand with Reflecting Sphere(Escher) vs. Mirror Marble + Raffi trapped in Escher's World(Escherreal)

Ascending and Descending

Ascending and Descending(Escher) vs. Escher's villa(Escherreal)


Lizard(Escher) vs. Tesselation Cobbelstones(Escherreal)


Curl-up(Escher) vs. Wentelteefje(Escherreal)

With such a small dev team, we all wore multiple hats. I served the team as our ScrumMaster and as the primary Level Builder. To do this, I worked closely with our art team by bringing in art assets, creating prefabs of those objects, and placing them throughout the world. As a Producer at FIEA, I also helped design the puzzles and environments and integrate them into the game. Check out the Level Building page for more information about my contributions to the project.

Click here to see screenshots, trailers and development videos from our project. You can also download and play the game for free! Even compressed it is a rather large download so keep that in mind.

Escherreal Screenshot


SCP: Incident 029-63a

SCP Logo


This is a solo game that I built at FIEA using ImpactJS. All the producers in the program were tasked with creating a solo game. The purpose of this project was to learn a new game engine and to experience all aspects of the production process including art and programming. This later turned into a prototype for Daughter of Shadows.

It takes place in the SCP Universe where the player plays as SCP-029 who attempts to escape the SCP facility. SCP-029 is a girl who can brainwash men into doing her bidding. Because of this she is classified as "Keter Class" and is kept in special quarantine, at least until she escapes. The player cannot kill the guards in the facility, however she can "Convert" male guards to join her side. They move with the player and give the player the ability to shoot other enemies. They can also give their life to block attacks from hitting the player.



Corgi Caper and the Cave of Bones

Corgi Caper Logo


Corgi Caper is a whimsical endless runner game made for mobile devices. You play as Tank, an adventurous Corgi that is like a certain archaeologist that we all know and love. Tank not only has to dodge attacks from skeleton dino enemies, but he can also fight back with his corg-attacks. Collect bones to increase your high score and grab power-ups that let you do the impossible. This game was developed in approximately four months by seven developers including myself, though on this project I served exclusively as a Development Director. More information about my role on this project can be found in the Process Management section.

Corgi Screenshot



Nightmarry Logo


Nightmarry is a casual adventure game about a guy having a nightmare about proposing to his girlfriend. It features drag'n'drop mechanics and has a light-hearted, sitcomy tone. The original Nightmarry game was a two week rapid prototype project that was done by a team of five developers in the first semester of FIEA. Two of the original developers recruited myself and a few others to expound on the game for Venture Track. Through three months of additional testing and development we were able to release this completed version of the game. I served exclusively as a Development Director on Nightmarry. More information about my role on this project can be found in the Process Management section.

Nightmarry Screenshot



Telemon Logo


Telemon is a pocket pet that grows and evolves based off of your phone usage. For example, it gains experience when you send or recieve text messages. You can also play minigames with it and feed it to help it evolve faster. This game was developed in approximately four months by five developers including myself, though on this project I served exclusively as a Development Director. More information about my role on this project can be found in the Process Management section.

Telemon Flofful



Disturbance Logo


Disturbance was a two-week rapid prototype IOS game that I made in my first semester of FIEA. The goal was to build a game that told a story. After much deliberation, and a Taco Tuesday, we settled on the idea of telling a psychological story. Mrs. Thomas is awakened by thieves invading her home. She finds herself alone and afraid without her husband and regrets fighting with him the night before.

The primary mechanic is stealth where the player can hide in shadows and eliminate the bad guys. But not all is as it seems. The voice in her head acts as a mentor but its true purpose is something far more sinister. As the game progresses, the surroundings change to reveal that this is not a house at all but an insane asylum and that the bad guys are not theives, they are doctors. After killing so many people, Mrs. Thomas gives into the insanity, kills the head doctor and escapes the facility. However, this fate can be avoided by killing less than 3 bad guys total. If these conditions are met she will take the medication and start the road to recovery.

Disturbance Screenshot



Tower-Words Main Screen


Tower-Words was designed as a social game for Facebook. We took the concepts of Scrabble and Words with Friends and slightly altered the rules of the game. In Tower-Words, the goal is to build as tall of a tower as possible. The player is awarded coins for successfully creating words. These coins can be used to buy more tiles, to buy exchanges, or to buy bombs. The exchanges allow tiles to be exchanged, and the bombs allow the player to blow up blocked spaces.

Tower-Words Screenshot

The game queries a unique word database that contains over 135,000 words. We had three producers but only one programmer, so I built the database and a database backend to facilitate maintenance on it.

Tower-Words Database Backend