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Personal Portfolio Website

I themed this website after the process management system known as Scrum. With Scrum you have certain tasks that need be completed within a set period of time known as a sprint. In this case the sprint is your browser session and each webpage represents a task that you as the viewer have. Clicking on a webpage moves that "task" to an In-Progress state. Leaving a page moves it to a Completed state. Once all the tasks are completed, the sprint is considered over, and you have access to the sprint review page. PHP is used to handle all of the progress tracking.


Blackrose Industries Website

Blackrose Industries


Blackrose Industries is my custom web and game development business. Consequently, I built the company website as well. Most of the business is focused on game development but web development helps pay the bills. The sidebars are designed to give a snapshot of my development timeline. These are pulled from an xml file so I can easily update them with new projects. More information about the business and the projects I have done through the business can be found in the link above.

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Escherreal Website

Escherreal Logo


Escherreal is a video game that I helped create in graduate school. I volunteered to build a simple website for it, so that we could put the game out there for people to download. The Layout of the website is pretty simple. The tesselation background is taken from some of the game environments and the parchment background is used in the journal entries that you collect during the game. If you are not yet familiar with the game then check out the website. We have links there to our YouTube channel and Steam Greenlight pages.

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PURgE Alliance Commerce and Industry Division Website

PURgE Commerce and Industry Division


My undergrad in Digital Media was focused on web design and I learned a lot about PHP and Databases through that. I also used to play Eve Online and was in a player alliance called PURgE. The alliance has since dissolved, and so the website has become dormant. Nevertheless, I was the alliance leader in charge of the Commerce and Industry Division. So, as a personal project, I decided to build an external commerce website, that could be accessed via the in-game browser, that would track alliance assets and funds using my database space. It was used by alliance members, but our alliance never got big enough to really get the most out of it.

PURgE Commerce and Industry Division Screenshot

It is structured in a similar fashion to Amazon, but with a much smaller product set and a few features tailored specifically to the game. Users can search for materials by type and ultimately generate buy and sell orders. To process these I built a content management system, so that I could alter prices, and view and edit orders without having to access the database directly. To facilitate and promote inter-alliance business I created an advertisement section on the main page as well. Special divison products are displayed first followed by user-generated product listings. Users had the option to pay for their advertising space as well to earn a higher spot on the page and generate some extra funding for the division.

PURgE Commerce and Industry Division CMS

Our alliance was spread across many different timezones which made coordination difficult at times. Nearly every item in Eve online is generated by other players, so if you need something you either have to build it yourself, find it on the public market, or contract someone to build it for you. In an effort to connect players with industrialists I decided to build a database that accessed and stored the skill information of each industrialist.

The user first searches the database for a particular item that they need built. The system then displays a table showing the skills needed for the construction of that item, the players who are registered in the database, and most importantly whether they have the necessary skills to build it or not. With this tool, players could then send inquiry messages to the industrialists about pricing and availability. The downside to using the Eve online API was that full permissions were required to view a player's skills. This proved to be too invasive for some industrialists, but the application as a whole served its purpose.

PURgE Commerce and Industry Division Industry Database